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Learjet family
Building on the spirit that challenged industry conventions when Learjet was introduced in 1963, Bombardier continues to add to the legacy with each new aircraft model and technological advance. Taking performance, luxury and efficiency to new heights, Learjet continues to define and redefine what a business jet should be.

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Challenger family
Over more than 25 years, the strength of the Challenger jet family’s reputation for reliability has grown with each new aircraft launched. Proven dependability has made these “flying boardrooms” the backbone of many corporate fleets. Delivering excellent performance and value, Challenger aircraft are also well-respected as a solid investment tool.

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Global family
Occupying a class of their own, Bombardier’s Global aircraft was conceived as the consummate business jet for world and business leaders. Incorporating the most advanced technologies, these exceptional aircraft reflect the perfect fusion of grace and power, providing superior performance and handling, with an uncommon elegance.

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Pre-Owned Business Aircraft
The same insistence on quality that Bombardier applies in creating and constructing the world's finest business jets goes into the handling, inspection and re-sale of each pre-owned aircraft we offer. Whether you are selling or trading in your aircraft, or seeking a particular type of used business jet, we are committed to your satisfaction.

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